Phase 1 – 2018 March Thinking Lab Work Session

In the initial planning phase of the CDPCP, a diverse group of humanities scholars from the UPR-RP held a two-day planning meeting in March 22-24, 2018, which included the following participants: Nadjah Ríos Villarini (PI), Mirerza Gonzalez Vélez (Co-PI), Joel Blanco (Assistant Professor Information Science Graduate School, UPR-RP), Nora Ponte Cobo (Professor of Music, UPR-RP), Lowell Fiet (Professor of English, UPR-RP), Laurie Taylor (dLOC, University of Florida), Jenniffer Guiliano (DH expert, Indiana University-Purdue University  Indianapolis), Mila Aponte (M.I.S., library sciences consultant), Pablo Defendini (web designer), María Ordóñez (Director, Puerto Rican Collection), Mayra Torres (Coordinator UPR Digital Collections), Faviola Martínez (undergraduate research assistant), and Gabriela Rivera, (undergraduate research assistant).

Participants in the first working session viewed selected items from the Puerto Rican Library Collections, UPR Digital Collections, and the defunct Diaspora Project website, to determine how to revitalize the items and make them more accessible to a general audience.

2018 March 22nd-24th Work Session Agenda

Related Publication: A Roadmap to an Effective, Engaging Digital (Humanities) Project [by Joel Blanco Rivera & Mila Aponte-González, 2018]