Rethinking Calypso Micro-Project

Nora E. Ponte Cobo, PhD is an Associated Professor in the Department of Music of the College of Humanities at the University of Puerto Rico- Río Piedras. Dr. Ponte participates in the Diaspora Project leading the selection of audio archival materials related to Caribbean carnival, and the formulation of the audio and multimedia presentation components.

Ponte is a well-known electronic music composer; her undergraduate course at UPR-RP on Introduction to Electronic Music Composition focuses on developing the knowledge, skills, and compositional techniques required to compose an original music score using electronic media. In 2018, she reshaped her course in collaboration with the Diaspora Project, as a Digital Humanities exploration of the role played by technological and electronic sounds in the development of a distinctive Caribbean carnival sound. 

The end result is a series of original 3-minute electronic compositions created by her students, based on the sounds, the spirit, the essence of calypso, rethinking this Caribbean musical genre through a new creative-experimental vision given shape by electronic means. These student creations will be integrated into the Caribbean Diasporas: Panorama of Carnival Practices web project [forthcoming].

MUSI 4265 Course Overview [digital presentation by Prof. Nora Ponte, 2018]

MUSI 4265 – Introducción a la Música Electrónica [Prof. Nora Ponte’s Course Syllabus at UPR-RP, 2018]